Strengthening wind energy's role in a more sustainable future.

WindAI is a wind analysis & predictor tool to aid offshore wind farms in reducing maintenance costs without reducing output performance.  




What is the problem WindAI is solving?

Offshore wind farms are in an environment of high-velocity winds. When a turbine adjusts to new wind movements, it does so by reacting to the change. This can mean high pressure on all the mechanisms that allow the turbine to 'yaw' and 'pitch'.


With a turbine constantly making adjustments to cater to new wind movements while under pressure, this can result in more maintenance. More maintenance, more costs. 


How does WindAI solve the problem?

WindAI uses Earth observation data to make predictions on wind patterns. It then uses this information to make optimised adjustments to the turbine. These predictive changes create a more consistent flow of power, alleviating pressure on the turbine.

WindAI then compares the Earth observation data to actual in-turbine data to access its accuracy. The solution will then refine adjustments against wind farm criteria to ensure regulatory and contractual agreements are met.

WindAI then uses machine learning to ensure that the adjustments made optimise the performance output of the turbine.

All adjustments made to the turbine are recorded. Power output, maintenance costs, turbine details and historical information are all displayed for users on a dashboard. 


Benefits of working with WindAI

WindAI wants to help you:


  • Optimise your maintenance costs through selected and refined turbine adjustments.

  • Increase the profitability of your Windfarm.

  • Keep you to your agreed criteria requirements.    eg. turbine availability time.

WindAI wants to work with you to bring costs down. This is why our pricing works off a success rate, allowing you and WindAI to build together. 


About us


...passionate innovators looking to help an industry better the world. 

We believe that wind plays a vital role in contributing to a more sustainable future. We believe that WindAI can play a key role in getting the industry to where it wants to be. 



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